For the inner wine enthuasiast

Wine of Choice:     Moscato D' Asti

Alcohol Volume: 5.5%

Calorie Count: 100 cal per serving. 

Price Range: $7.97

Year: 2012

Product of: Italy


This is a perfect white wine choice, especially for first time wine drinkers. Its smooth, even textured, and slightly bubbly. Yet incredibly filling, in taste, mild acidity. Moscato D' Asti features variant flavors if Citrus, melon, and the beautiful finish of the Bianca Grape. Moscato D' Asti can be best paired with, a crisp and refreshing salad, a calzone, or pasta, chicken. Moscato D' Asti is a very versatile beverage with major impact and intensely simple flavor. 

  1. Cheers to your friends, family
  2. Celebrations, house warmings
  3.  Very romantic dinners.

All the best, and Enjoy!


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