Eating Healthy: Simple Treasures

Is something I have discovered takes time. Diets are too hard to life by and often can be too constricting, but what I find is that you can implement little changes. Like yesterday I had brown rice instead of white, and the taste was definitely whole grainy and surpassing of white race. I had dark leafy greens which are an excellent vitamin E, calcium source. I felt like I had an advantage over my ancestors and even my parents. If there is one thing I know my Dad would want is better eating habits for me, and notto make the same mistakes He did.

I also reduced the amount of sodas and soft drinks available in my house, and drink much more water.Having some tea instead of indulging into a sweet craving, like Green tea. which is packed with antioxidants, and rincreases weight loss, cancer etc. Too me thats awesome. So if I could sacrifice, every other day something better and healthier for me, instead of just what I like or am used too. Who knows the possibilities.

A nameless razor fusses.
I realized also the importance of brown or darker sugars than white sugar... its funny when I go over friends houses and Imlooking for brown sugar.( its a great sugar). I reduced other oils... and stick with Olive Oil.  I use whole Wheat flour that is pure, and unbleached.

thus far i lost 4 lbs and i have less headaches...

- Yours truly the junkfood lover

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