Our Baby is Coming!

Guest post written by Jana Peters

Yesterday morning, I went to an hearingaids.miracle-ear.com. After I finished my business there I got a call from my lovely daughter telling me that my granddaughter, Jen, was coming to visit for a whole week. Jen goes to college in California, and now that she's away at school my husband and I only get to see her during the holidays when she comes home to visit her parents. Jen is a very social girl and usually goes on trips during her school vacations, so I'm just very glad ! that she is coming home this weekend. It is going to be great to see her after all this time. I want to her how exciting her life is out there.
I realize that I may only see her once or twice on her break, but those moments will really mean a lot to my husband and I. I figured we'll prepare a nice meal for her or find a unique place to take her out while she is here. Sometimes one day is all it takes to create a lasting memory, and that is something I would like to do for my granddaughter.

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