Choose Freedom over Fears

Fear runs us around  like a soccer ball. And the Goalie scores! and were in the net, defeated and let down. I am here to tell you friends to be wise. Stop living a life of limitation. Live peaceably and freely as you were called to do Divinely.

This does not constitute Anarchy, it simply means, Get out there, try new experiences like hanging at a coffee shop or the park feeding the ducks instead being couped up at home, bungee jumping, skydiving, or an art class. Think outside the box! Don't be fearful of the unknown and all the question marks. Realize you will not always be in control. Your Job is simply too live and be FREEE. Free from Debts, burdens, misery, relationships and people dragging you down....Pure and unadulterated freedom.

Here are a few things that could really strike a cord with you:

Groupon Rates and Special Deals, this is great for Dinner, a movie, and other package deals on the Cheap.

Bungee Jumping & Stunts

Or visit a National Park >>>>

Point In, the possibilities are endless and when fear creeps your way ask yourself , WHY NOT?

All the best.

- yours truly Arielle

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