Finances and Fun

Finances, Debt, and Money do not have to be such a negative topic. Number should never scare or intimidate you. Now is the time for your Financial light bulb  to shine. Don't be taken advantage of by your credits... Here  are a few tips for your financial woes and OH no's

Take charge of your life and your spending... Invest in a checkbook, they are absolutely free at any bank location ex. Chase, Wells Fargo, Trust co, Bank of America etc. Debits are what you spend (a.k.a purchases), Credits are any checks, cash, and funds or deposits.

Here are a few programs that will be a great help, to the Non technically Savvy and Super savvy. All FREE of charge. All you have to do is Sign up and Pay attention. Here goes!


Learn Vest Daily for financial synopsis, useful info

Financial tips on all arrays of life, college, home life, work, budgets and invest. The very general Yahoo Financial.

The best part is this is all at your finger tips.

Have at it.


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