Mountain Living

Living in the mountains has always been a dream of mine and I can’t believe I’m finally able to realize it. I’ve been saving up money for years now and last month I finally bought the cabin of my dreams up here in the Blue Ridge! I’ve got my own little compost gardenand a view of the mountains like you wouldn’t believe – it’s really, truly, paradise. I had to go to to see about internet all the way up here and I’ve contacted the post office to find out about getting a P.O. Box since they obviously won’t deliver. I sure hope I get used to being this far from civilization! I love having my own space, though, and being really in touch with nature like I feel like I am and my family loves having a mountain house to use whenever they want as well so all in all I think it was a pretty good decision. A few more years and I’ll be a regular mountain man!

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