The heartbreak/heartache bug

The Low Down

During this season of life So many seem to be going through that season of life where so many things, INCLUDING relationships, that are the main source of heart ache and disappointment.

"There is a time to love and a time to hate, A time for war and a time for peace" Ecclesiastes 3:8 This my friends is the season I speak of. The goods news is whether you are young or old, this will happen to everyone in there lifetime. Everyone has the potential to be loved, and grow significantly through the heartbreak/heartache season.

What leads to your heartbreak this season: Are your expectations realistic, unrealistic, or unattainable? 

Make Room and Let's Move Forward

Here are a few possible remedies to consider that just may bring a smile to your face.

a) A nice therapy is keeping a journal to detail your feeling(vent, release all pent up emotions), receive feedback on your current situation. In return you can reach others, and bring healing to your situation. Suggested sites:, or, or

Insight your creativity, now is the time.

b) Breaks ups can be tough, and for those Single Ladies out there, who could use some words of advice and wisdom... Mandy gives you the tips, and emotional support(building a positive support system never hurt) on

c) Get inspired, change the world, tap into who you are, and your importance in this world.... leave a positive foot print.,, and so many more. These sites are just examples of having positive feedback and role models make the difference; and make that extra mile of hurt - so worth it!

Down to the Real Goodies

Having a tough time getting over that Ex(exes) of yours or emotional vampires...

Check out ---->, read blogs, post your story, and upload a pictures of that Ex... and watch it set a flame. Out of sight, out of Mind. Freedom at last.

Love is paramount to our being. We give, give,give... but what about receiving it non-romantically.
Mastin Kipp, and other Celeb writers, bloggers, nutrionists, psychologists... Tamera Mowry, Angela Simmons, Gabriel Bernstein and so many others share their does of Love and coming back to that Core of love....

All the best, Babygirls and Friends of the world.


 Just Explore that's all you need. No your value there is so much, you have yet to uncover. You possess greatness inside of you.

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