Eco Friendly house tips

During this economy, recessions can be tough on family, budgets, and just getting on with the day to day. But change is on its way. We are able to maximize our resources, with minimal effort.

Here are a few tips that can put you at ease.

When hard times come always keep the basics in your home, such as: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cheese, salt, and  water and basic can goods. These are a sure thing especially in times of Emergency, or severe weather.

Preparation is Key.

If your busy like I am, balancing Work, school, Family, and Social Life. Try shopping at at stores like Target, Publix, Save -a-lot or Walmart for pre-seasoned and marinated meats so as soon as you get home you are able to heat up a sauce pan and begin cooking with ease. Greater ease, fewer hassle!

Shoes after much use with our without socks or stocking, often can get smelly, or soiled easily.  If all else, you can buy fabric softener from 99 cents to a buck or two, cut it in half and place in the sole of your shoes for a refreshing smell. Because when u smell good u feel good.

Also, did u know that baking soda is a better toothpaste to remove stains and impediments from teeth that fluoride?! Oh Yeah and it can save you in buying overpriced verbiage.

The last tip is gargling with salt and water is a great substitute for mouthwash and is recommended by physicians.

Remember one persons trash is another persons treasure. When in doubt look around your house, your solution could be staring you in the face!

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