A side Note on hardships and flat out MOVING ON


When you move on, get on with your life, pursue your dreams and future. It means just that. Don't hold on to the past, don't playchildish games, don't reason with those old feelings... release it in the atmosphere and let it go.

Because when you look back at yourself... you realize, your not carrying anything with you... Its just you. Where you have always belonged....in this world.

Keep your head up, and never let go of whats important too you. It doesn't matter about what anyone else thinks. Its just about you, what you feel and how real it will come too you.

There is  a reason why we call someone people are EX'S  with an  X, meaning past tense, flawed, unequally yoked, better is in store. You took the next step... and leaped for your destiny of peace, harmony, discovery.

And a hope and future more beautiful than you know....

This is too my dreams out there.

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