Frugal Lugar

 Mac and cheese with a baguette & Water (which is always free)

      Fridays are Paydays for Many Americans around the world. And in these economic conditions you can still treat yourself on a budget, whether tight or lucent.  Its always OKAY to treat yourself. WHY? because you deserve it. When you work hard all work, whether it be volunteering, being full time parents, or simply giving yourself of service. A little encouragement and appreciation is the least of it.

So what I did, after an extensive week thought to myself about three factors: 

How can I save money? In the mall* of all places?

Live affordably and responsibly, 

Find something tasty, healthy, minimal on unwanted cholesterols, sodium, no msg.

And a hot spot with WiFi. I sure Found it!

Where you ask PANERA!!! Yup you guessed it.

Not only does Panera have fast  internet, it has cozy little comfort spots,  affordable and healthy food choices such as:  breads, pastries, teas and spritzers, sandwiches, panini's... it is a dream really. and very very cozy chairs! Comfy cushions and just a relaxing place to unwind. The customer service is great, very friendly servers, that are attentive and filled with southern hospitality.

Ask yourself what have I done lately....

Little Treats go  a long way. They are a sweet deal.

And I challenged myself to go the extra mile.

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