Get away

After a long hectic week, with unanticipated twists and turn.

These are one of those adult *timeout* moments. Where you take a pause, grab your important memorabilia, travel light, and go some place you can find peace and revive your mind.

For me the place of the week, happens to be Starbucks. (and Y-E-S i'm excited!)

Its just me, soothing music, my computer, and a tasty low calorie drink (Only 80 cal/sweetened too). My shaken iced tea w/ passion tea and a dash of lemonade.
Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea
It is so necessary and vital in our day-to-day shuffles that we steal time alone to: gather ourselves, our thoughts, composure and capture the inner exuberance and vibrance in us. Let's go there.

Whether this be: a home away from home, a library, museum, a church or cathedral, a cafe, - something, someone, or someplace to revive Y-O-U. take the time.

All the time we have, is what we own in this very incredible moment. Explore it.

Enjoy and have a flavorly blessed week.

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