Fall... and Sweets!

Fall is here,

and it always reminds me of a winter wonderland, a great call and moment of peace.


I find myself wanting and craving sweets. When you are constantly buying out, of fast food places, bakeries, gas stations. You tend to rack up: the calories, the MSG, the chemicals, the high fructose corn syrup,  etc. which result in greater health issues.

My solution is to find recipes,  (go to the grocery stores to create my own creations) of some of my favorites: fresh cookies, coffee cake, and cake, breads and homemade goods. I want sweets to still be sweet and healthful, and immensely powerful.

I found this excellent book that capitalizes on this its called -----> VINTAGE CAKES by Julie Richardson Vintage Cakes

Mrs. Richardson uses vintage recipes from, previous and past time generations. In accordance with  grandparents, aunts, mothers, presidents and their wives to depict and tell a story on Cake at is finest, with rich finesse, as well as finding sugar substitutes to enhance flavor and goodness.

With all varieties and flavors of cakes from Classic Cakes, to yellow pound cake, chocolate  cake and more, Vintage Cakes remasters cake recipes at its finest and can give you a lot of ideas on how to perfect a craft, BAKING. Who knows, may be you can build on your recipes as well.

-Love, A

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Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson 

Pinterest User : Julie/ The little Kitchen

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