The skinny on Healthy Choices: Juice vs. Sodas

Daily Tip:

Instead of running to the cheapest alternatives such as Sodas, and sports drink,

Take the initiative to pick drinks that will hydrate you & soothe your thirst.

A beverage with no high fructose corn syrup, natural flavors, %100 juice , with natural minerals such

as Vitamin A &C, or drinks containing less than 32g of sugar.

Or partake of the most natural and healthy beverage in the Universe .. water

A little takes you a long way; and so do healthy choices. Remember, you only have one body, one

mind, and one live to make the most of every opportunity you have.

These are my Choices : Ocean Spray's Pomegranate Cranberry Cherry, and Grapefruit Juice (right)

100% JUICE , total bottle 110 cal, containing IRON , CALCIUM, VITAMIN A &C, PROTEIN,

POTASSIUM AND SUGAR (of course, everyone needs a little sweets in their life)

Not to mention both of these alternatives were under $3.00 each.

Happy Spending, Happy Savings and Happy Maintaining.

- Love Airielle

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