Adventure number 1: Freedom, and all things FREE

Things in life every says cost money,,

But in this addition, I want to explore the world of free, pure, and simple.

I believe one can enjoy life with their liberty and it not cost them a dime. FREE , 100%

All I did was open my front door before noon, and i noticed out of  all the grass, weeds, and wildlife. their was something beautiful growing in my lawn amongst it all. Flowers. You can see them in your neighborhoods, along the grasses and street corners. Best of all I never planted it. It was a beautiful surprise, naturally intrinsic, and totally lovely.

Date night idea: Take you, your partner, or your honey out on a walk, and enjoy nature.

Animal Lovers: Take your pet for a walk, or sight seeing. 

Just for You: Be able to go outside, completely free and take part of nature in bloom.

Valentines Day: This is  a simple idea, that can spark the romance in your relationship. Go down memory lane, explore nature. Best of all If you or your partner are on a budget, successfully this is a great way to spend time together and not break the bank.
Its great to get fresh air, see and soak up some seratonin from the sun, and for me Enjoy the lovely Floridian weather.


Love A.

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