Aromatherapy at its best

Aromatherapy on the Cheap.

Cost : $1.12 ,

Stores: Wal-mart, Target, Publix etc.

Places and purposes: Use aromatherapy---candles during a quiet evening, dinner, for the restroom (bath or shower), in your room, in the front of your home.

Pretty affordable.

When I am having moments where I need to get in touch with my inner being, feel calm or peace again

- I say silent prayers, 

- meditate

- recall happy times, memories

I light up this vanilla scented candle.... as the light illuminates all of its surroundings, and the afterglow sets it

I feel a state of bliss, taking a moment out for myself. When I may not have time or resources to go to a spa....or do something extremely relaxing I resort to this.  Whatever your scent or flavor is....

This decreases stress, and allows one to refocus, and continue on with there daily tasks. All its takes is between 1-5 minutes of your time, to light a candle, take a few deep breaths...


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