The skinny on GREEN TEA

Get in the Zen of Green Tea!

This is a tea that is incredibly healthy for you. Here's why you should give it a try.

You can prepare Green tea as a hot or cold beverage using a tea bag or natural  Camellia sinensis plant extract, Green Tea......

Promotes mental health and concentration
Prevents dementia, stroke, and diabetes. 
Reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer
It contains minimal processing and is pure to its highest form
Assists with weight management and LDL in the body (bad cholesterol)
Antioxidants and more

Sweetener alternatives: 

- Instead of using regular cane sugar, you can use Stevia a plant based sugar with 0-10 calories per serving! (Awesome right)
- Brown Sugar, less refined, minimal sweetness to it. 
- Agave or honey.

All in all this is a great way to begin your day, boost your energy, and revitalize yourself when you need that extra kick. These are all easy steps to become a happier and healthier you.


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