Snacktime Simplicity: Summer Delight

Hi Everyone, 

I'm all for a light, and tasty treat after a great meal.

Especially when Ice Cream is involved.

Summer Delight

In Season berries are delicious, therefore I chose Strawberries (fresh and ripe for the picking)

Rice Crispies Treats Cereal + Vanilla Ice Cream.

I did 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice cream (side-by-side), Doushed about a 1/4 cup of Rice Crispies Treats in a circular pattern similar to the bowl.

Lastly I topped it off with 4 fresh cut strawberries which I cut in half , and kindly sprinkled around the bowl.

10 min total. 3 ingredients and a SNACK to remember.

Extra Tips:

Add a swirl of chocolate syrup around the bowl for decolage, add nuts or chips, Sprinkles is always a plus. No matter the alteration make it your own.

-Happiness to all, 

<3 A.

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