Crispy Oven baked Kale chips

Purim treats and more....

I wanted my family too enjoy the night, be healthy, and eat. Eat well.

I thought tonight would be the perfect night to make kale chips , oven baked to avoid zapping all the nutrients out.

Let me tell you, you don't want to miss out on these lite, flaky, airy crisps...

Ingredients are:

3 cups of Kale Chips
3 tsps of EVOO
2 pinches of Kosher Salt (iodize is good too!)
1 tsp of black pepper
Aluminum foil sheet (single sheet)
A baking pan.

IWashing your kale in warm.or coolwater to rinse all pesticides and impurities (pesties
patt dry and in a  baking dish sprinkle 3 table spoons of 
E  O

olive oil evenly or in a spiral formation.
spread your sprigs of kale across the olive oil and layer. next add your 
Salt, black pepper. 
For added zest include
: italian herbs seasoning and garnish with parmesan cheese.

& light snack


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